Return Path Solution

    Are you looking for Return Path Solutions?

    3 types of products can help you.

    Forward Path Attenuators-
    11 FPA105xx

    Return Path Attenuators-
    11 SAT85xx

    Forward Path Equalizers-
    11 FPE85xx



    C Superior performance in a very small housing.

    C Waterproof O-ring at Female port and conforms to ANSI/ SCTE 01 2006.

    C RFI > 100dB.

    C 360 center conductor seizure (Female contact) for high retention force and transmission efficiency.

    C Custom-made are available on request.

    Innovation Design Housing -
                         Small, Light and Easy to install.

     SMT for superior stability and reliability.

     One piece design for reduced radiation.

     Solid mechanical construction with nickel plated brass.

     7/16 inch hex head for ease of installation.

        11  Forward Path Attenuators- FPA105xx

        11  Forward Path Equalizers- FPE85xx


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