We offer our client the comprehensive service, keep our faith with " Sharing the benefit and creating the win-win situation ".

    How to reallize TCC’s mission? Implement quality policy consistency: People, Technology and System.


    TCC people are highly educated and skilled. We don’t depend on cheap unskilled labour in low-cost locations. Most of our staff have been with the company for many years and this low staff turnover contributes to continuity - both in the research and development cycle as well as production quality control.

    People are the key to the success of the company and the location of our facilities in Taipei gives the company access to the skills it requires to deliver the quality product demanded by customers. Our modern approach to manufacturing means whilst our staff are more highly skilled than that those of our competitors, the labour cost component in our products is lower.

    All of our customer-facing staff speak English and at least one other language.


    TCC deploys superior technology in both patented product design and manufacturing processes. Products feature patented technology for Return Path Isolation. Design Verification includes Hum Modulations (Time Domain Method), Intermodulation, Temperature Chamber, Tap Distortion (2nd harmonics), Field Test, Voltage/Current Burn-In, Salt Spray Chamber Test, Surge Withstand IEEE587 Ring Wave Test.

    Production Quality Control is to AQL Standards (MIL-STD-105E) IQC-IPQC-FQC. All units are tested for performance to electrical specification (Analyser Limited Line Controlled), SPC Torque Controlled, Leak tested and tested for Signal Continuity prior to packaging.


    Our management systems exceed modern international standards. Key management staff have trained or worked overseas and this experience is used to implement a coherent sales and marketing strategy that supports key industry partners. TCC operates the latest MIS/ERP systems and Quality Management Systems are fully ISO 9001:2015 compliant. Full certification details together with Assessment Schedule are available on request. Customers benefit from a flexible response and the punctual delivery of products produced under the strictest quality control.