CEO’s talk

    Dear Industry Professionals,

    The inspiration for TCC came in 1993 when I got together with two of my best friends, Lloyd and Lynn. We wished to create a company which, through design excellence and a friendly working environment would benefit customers, employees and shareholders alike. 12 years on, we have grown to become the leading provider of quality CATV and broadband connectivity products. As you know there has been a tremendous change during the past decade and the industry has faced many challenges. We have seen the shift from pure video programming through to "triple play" service provision.

    Using TCC can have a profound impact on your organisation. We equip you to keep pace with technological change and enable you to break into new markets, increase profitability and improve service to your customers.

    I would like to express my sincere thanks to all our staff and customers who have been with us over the years. Without your support TCC would not be the company it is today. We look forward to continued growth and success with you in the future!

    Yours faithfully

    Sally Chiu
    24th July, 2012

    Feel free to email Sally directly. Her email address is